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Quickbooks Hosted on Cloud

Ever wondered if it were possible to use Quickbooks in a more efficient manner, get it to work faster or integrate it with a couple of other applications to consolidate accounting details? Avail a free trial of Quickbooks hosted on our cloud environment to experience the real potential of your favourite software. If the performance matches your expectations, simply sign-up for our Quickbooks hosting services and we’ll follow it from there to have your edition of Quickbooks installed on the cloud in no time.

QuickBooks Hosting – What’s in Store?

Our Quickbooks hosting services span Quickbooks installation, data migration, support, third party integration, upgrades, customizations and several other tasks typically associated with setting up Quickbooks for end users.

Our secure hosting environment is technically up to date, scalable on demand and always in good shape to offer users an enhanced Quickbooks experience for a reasonable fee.

Why Choose Us As Your Quickbooks Hosting Service Provider?

Let’s quickly take you through some of the major features of our hosting environment that make our services unique and more appealing.

Unlimited availability of Resources

Scalable infrastructure

No curbs on Bandwidth

Consistent performances at high speeds

Scheduled maintenance and daily backup of data

Free technical assistance any time of the day

Prompt 24X7 customer support via Phone, Email and Chat with impressive response times

Reliable and accurate migration of Quickbooks Data when moving to Cloud (from external sources, across hosting environments and versions)

Free upgrades to higher versions of Quickbooks

Daily transfer of upto 20 GB of Quickbooks data/files

Secure and safe data access and storage

Dual backup at different sites for rapid recovery

90-day backup archives to facilitate data verification

Comprehensive documentation to aid learning and troubleshooting common issues

Affordable and flexible hosting plans charged on actual usage

Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint and other common software on hosted environment makes documentation/edits and viewing simple and fast.

Our services effectively address Quickbooks hosting requirements of a growing base of satisfied customers of both professionals and freelancers, and small businesses as well.

How Cloud Hosting Can Enhance Efficiency Of Your Operations

Your software when hosted on the cloud is simply faster, powerful and more efficient because it now resides on a meticulously serviced, technically advanced infrastructure (hi-end server, latest software, regular data backups etc.).

You longer need to worry about security breaches or data loss as our servers and networks are carefully monitored and well-guarded against potential threats.

Availability of support and technical assistance/guidance 24X7 helps you tackle usability and other problems as early as possible.

The hosted software is always accessible to authorized users via internet, irrespective of when, where and what device you use to work on it.

With unlimited resources at your disposal, spurts in business should no longer be a matter of concern.

Costs are manageable as you are rid of infrastructure and maintenance costs, and can easily scale resource usage on a need basis without spending much.

You are indeed free to focus on your job rather than battle with infrastructure problems.

Hosting Services Available For Entire Range of Quickbook Editions

We are reliable and quality cloud hosting services are available for all Quickbooks Desktop offerings – Premier, Pro and Enterprise. Customized installation, moving data files, technical assistance on request, free upgrades, and several other facilities are bundled into different hosting plans, each one of them priced quite competitively. Call us for more information on hosting plans and features.

Hosting of Quickbooks Special Editions

In addition to hosting standard editions of Quickbooks, Our team is also adept at setting up special editions of Quickbooks that cater to specific industrial sectors. Our infrastructure is well equipped to support Retail, Non-Profit, Legal, Health care, Manufacturing and Construction editions of the accounting software plus any additional Intuit solutions that users may require to address their reporting and accounting needs.

Third Party Add-ons

It is possible to build a custom IT system from scratch to automate your business operations to a large extent, if not 100%, by integrating Quickbooks with apt add-on applications from third party vendors. Employee timesheet, customer relations, order tracking, donor management and several such additional functions can be incorporated based on specific needs. If you already have a working system, we can simply re-create a more efficient version of the same on the cloud.

Quickbooks Hosting – Frequently Asked Questions

The process of installing software on a remote server is known as hosting. The executable software, related files and data created using the software are stored on a cloud-based server and can be accessed using the internet. The software may also be installed on a Windows Terminal Server aka Quickbooks Terminal server based on user requirements.

No special configurations or capabilities are required as the software gets installed in the hosting environment and not on your server. If your system runs on Windows OS, remember to enable the Remote Data Protocol to access the hosted Quickbooks edition. Internet connectivity is mandatory.

Yes. You can use any internet enabled portable device (laptop, smartphone or tablet) to work on Quickbooks even when on the move. MACs, Windows and Linux powered PCs are supported.

Cloud hosting environments usually have a hi-end infrastructure and network capabilities than in-house IT systems. Quickbooks performance and response times tend to vary based on the hardware configurations and bandwidth. The software responds faster when hosted on the cloud but can work equally well when installed on powerful on site infrastructure.

There is no scope for data loss as the data on the open transaction screen can be saved once internet connectivity is available. You will have the key in data again if you accidentally close the transaction window. Data from successful transactions, however, will be saved on the remote server.

If you are a retailer or manufacturer dealing in goods, managing outlets/warehouses in multiple locations, Desktop edition of Quickbooks, hosted on the cloud will pretty much cover your requirements.

If you are a service provider, with relatively simple, standard operations, the Online edition of Quickbooks can prove a better alternative. Assess requirements and software features before you make a choice. Still undecided, simply give us a call, and we’ll only be glad to help.

Our hosting infrastructure is well-protected by security solutions that keep malware, hackers and other malicious threats at bay. Encryption, user authentication, firewalls and password protection ensure that data and software on our servers are stored and accessed in a secure manner.

Hosting service providers who participate in the Intuit Hosting Program receive a written authorization from Intuit, which permits them to install Quickbooks Edition for Windows on request from licensed users.  They can offer either commercial or standard hosting and are accordingly referred to as authorized commercial or standard host.

Quality of services, infrastructure capabilities and features, data security, hosting charges and all other aspects of the hosting environment is solely the responsibility of each service provider. Intuit’s authorization does not vouch for the reliability or quality service provider’s operations.

Cloud hosting, apart from other features, also enables multi-user access to Quickbooks, with real-time data updates. It is not the same, nor is it an alternative to enabling multi-user setting in Quickbooks.

Multi-user mode on Quickbooks is a feature specific to the accounting software that can be enabled irrespective of whether installed on site or on the cloud.

Yes.  Our hosting services also ensure secure, reliable and complete migration of Quickbooks data to the cloud.

Yes. Access and use of Quickbooks features will not be curbed and affected when your software is hosted on the cloud.

Just call us if you require more information /clarity on Quickbooks hosting!